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Here is my htaccess:

RewriteCond     %{HTTP_HOST}                                 ^(?:www\.)?(.+?)\.imvu-e\.com$
RewriteCond     /var/imvu/products/ht/clients/%1/            -d
RewriteRule     ^(.+)                                        %{HTTP_HOST}$1
RewriteRule     ^(?:www\.)?([^.]+?)\.imvu-e\.com/(.*)        /var/www/imvu/products/ht/clients/$1/$2 [L]

I would like

anything.imvu-e.com to redirect to the files at /var/imvu/products/ht/clients/anything/

Thus http://anything.imvu-e.com/woot.php?var=4 goes to /var/imvu/products/ht/clients/anything/woot.php sending it var=4

The way it is now to access it would be http://www.imvu-e.com/products/ht/clients/anything/woot.php?var=4

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How about a nice VirtualDocumentRoot instead?

VirtualDocumentRoot /var/imvu/products/ht/clients/%-3
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This seems to mess up my relative links where I use ../ in the URL or for images. Id rather them type in anything.imvu-e.com and be redirected to the long URL –  ParoX Jul 16 '12 at 8:07

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