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What is correct file for /etc/hosts when running postfix mail server

my /etc/hosts      localhost        ubuntu-server

my /etc/hostname is

how must /etc/hosts look like that mail server will work correctly

now I changed to, is this correct?       localhost.localdomain                   localhost                 mail
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This looks fine. You can have more than one alias on the same line though, if you want to keep the name ubuntu-server as well:       localhost mail ubuntu-server
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It's not clear what you mean but there is no rule how the hosts file must look for a postfix to work properly.

Instead you need an MX entry in your DNS server for the domain if you would like to start receiving email from this domain.

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I have MX record, I just want to know if is /etc/hosts file correct. I am reading that is important for server how is /etc/hosts configuried – senzacionale Jul 15 '12 at 10:40

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