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The title isn't explanatory enough but I can't explain it better.

I want to setup a call-center using elastix which would have the following feature:

Suppose bob(client) calls the center and Alice(employee) picks up the phone when that happens I want Bob's client information to appear on Alice's screen and when the call gets forwarded I want Bob's information to also get forwarded.

I know how to do the plain call-forwarding part and I know that the info part needs a Crm to get done(probably sugar or vtiger) but I don't know a thing about crms and I couldn't find any guide containing what I'm looking for online

any help would be appreciated, Thank you in advance

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You need ADAT - Asterisk Dialing & Announcement Tool. Someone already posted on Elastix forum on incoming call popups with vtiger CRM.

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thanks for the info I'll give it a go, but being a linux fan I'd like something that could work on the few debian-xfce running boxes there are in the call-center as a linux-transition pilot project – NorthPole Jul 16 '12 at 10:18

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