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I'm trying to connect to the server (which I can ping successfully) in XenCenter but I keep getting an error that states "Response XML not valid XML-RPC - missing methodResponse element" . I tried looking up the error, but all I figured out is that I should check the file that the parts <methodResponse> .... </methodResponse> is at/ should be at. I'm really not sure where to look for that file though. I'm using Xencenter in Windows 7 if that helps.


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Never mind. It was a silly error of non-matching IP addresses. I had set up XenServer to use DHCP for IP addresses and it configured it using the BMC IP address, not the ethernet port IP address. I basically fixed this error by going on XenServer and selecting "Network and Management Interface" and then changing IP address statically to the right number.

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Thanks for answering with the solution to this problem, it might help somebody in a similar situation. – Kenny Rasschaert Jul 18 '12 at 7:37

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