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In my nagios configuration, hosts that use a specific template are automatically added to a hostgroup, so my configuration looks something like this:

define host {
    name          foo
    hostgroups    bar
    register 0

define host {
    name          baz
    use           foo

But now I want to add host baz also to another hostgroup. I know, I can do this in the hostgroup, but is there a way to do it in the host? I think of something like this:

define host {
    name          baz
    use           foo
    hostgroups    <hostgroupsYouAreAlreadyIn>,another-hostgroup


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From memory,

hostgroups +another-hostgroup

Should do the trick. I believe that anywhere Nagios allows a list of values, you can use a + prefix to append to the inherited list, instead of resetting it.

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