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I'm am in charge of a VPS with one hosted website. I need to run a crop job for the site and am having much trouble with it.

From the cpanel for the site I'm running

php -q /home/siteusername/public_html/cron_764445573.php?nqL5yOfTqRoldguGujnJEN9hE44RTYT6cnFGd-F4uDI=-gVVUqf5mpesIwmFjY3cZDqly99nKP0PglHuyxzWKbI

However it is failing to work. Please note that I had removed the sites user name for the purpose of posting code on the net. I keep getting and email saying it has failed with the content 'No input file specified'. I have most defiantly checked to make sure the path and file is correct. The file defiantly exist and does run correctly. The path is correct as taken form $_SERVER via php.

Is there something I'm missing? I have done much research and from what I can tell it should work fine.

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I guess you don't have a file name like that. What you probably have there is /home/siteusername/public_html/cron_764445573.php, right?

After that is where your troubles start. From the command line you can't append parameters like that (file.php?foo=bar) and expect it to be properly parsed.

What you need to do is to call the parameters like

php -q yourfile.php param1=value1 param2=value2 

So in your case

php -q /home/siteusername/public_html/cron_764445573.php nqL5yOfTqRoldguGujnJEN9hE44RTYT6cnFGd-F4uDI=-gVVUqf5mpesIwmFjY3cZDqly99nKP0PglHuyxzWKbI
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I tried that and it is still failing. I actually ran the job without any parameters and it still telling giving me the 'No input file specified' message. It there a way I can check/clarify this file location? From what I can decipher it is correct. This is the file root I use through all the coding in the website with no issues. Maybe it is incorrect. – Shane Jul 26 '12 at 6:58

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