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Hi guys is it possible to create your own SSL cert for IIS 6? If so does anyone have a link to a good guide on the web?



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Yep, its pretty straight forward:

  1. Download and install the IIS 6 Resource Kit
  2. Select SelfSSL from the start menu, under programs->IIS Resources
  3. Read the instructions shown at the command prompt

To generate the cert, run selfssl with any of the options you need selected, an example command would be:

selfssl / /K:1024 /S:2874 /P:443 /V:365

This will create a cert for, with a key size of 1024, for site 2874 in IIS, on port 443, valid for one year.

Note that this certificate will not be initially trusted by any browsers, as you are not a trusted authority.

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Life & Evening Saver. Thanks – bladefist Nov 29 '11 at 23:11
Great! I used this answer a few times already. Today I discovered that the link to IIS 6 Resource Kit broke, and I couldn't find any other official download page that works on Microosft's site (even the links inside Microsoft are broken for this...) – sinelaw Aug 20 '12 at 16:43

Try to use X509Builder at

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