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Background: I am attempting to use PCI passthrough to utilise a PCI-E card in a VM. I have a freshly installed server (which supports VT-d, and has it enabled) with XenServer 6.0.2 on it, and have successfully hidden the card from dom0 (it's showing up on pci-list-assignable-devices, anyway).

I have a working VM, and am attempting to assign the PCI device to this VM (as shown here).

Now all we need to do is to assign the PCI Device to the guest domU.
For example we edit vhost1.cfg and add the following line:
pci = ['02:00.0']
This will assign PCI device 02:00.0 to guest domain named vhost1, and will give an exclusive access to it.

I can't find where XenServer 6 is storing these files. It seems from documentation that they may be stored in databases in /var/xapi, but documentation warns against editing these manually, preferring the XL command which doesn't have anything that seems similar to the instructions above.

Have I missed the location of the files, or a command to edit the databases?

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The correct command for this was "xe vm-param-set"

xe vm-param-set other-config:pci=0/0000:01:00.0 uuid=...

This mounted the PCI-E card to the virtual machine specified with the uuid field.

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