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Here's my current structure:
  |- [files]
|- generated-folder-2/
  |- [files]
|- generated-folder-3/
  |- [files]

How do I set up permissions so that (which is kicked off via a POST; I can't really use sudo or anything like that) has permissions to create new folders and modify anything inside those folders, however the files inside each folder are 100% sandboxed?

Each generated folder is a git checkout (done by, from random people. I do my best to ensure no rogue files will be checked out, but I'm worried it's potentially possible a .php file or something might slip past me. In that case, I don't want it to have the ability to touch anything outside its own folder.

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If does not run with root permissions, you could simply change the owner of the folders you do not want changed...

If there are more complicated requirements, let only write to a staging area and have another script do a vetted copy...

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