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Is it possible to rewrite in postfix the local user that is sending email from the shell. I'm able to masquerade root@localhost to using smtp_generic_maps without a problem.

Unfortunately if I email somewhere like gmail the email is coming from "root (". What would be the best way to manipulate root to something like "User Name"?

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It depends on how you "send mail from the shell."

You're looking at a message From: header, which is part of the e-mail message, and hence not of interest to an MTA like postfix.

When using sendmail(1), set a proper sender address in the RFC822 message you pass to it.

FOr details on how to provide a proper sender address in your chosen mail program, consult its documentation.

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Postfix us getting 'root' from /etc/passwd. Type vipw and change the 5th field.

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Changing the root entry in /etc/passwd does not sound like the best idea. Especially since the email is not even intended to be send with root as the sender adderss. – kasperd Jun 13 '15 at 22:00

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