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I've got the Indexing Service setup on Windows Server 2003. I have a couple Catalogs setup indexing files on local drives witch work fine.

I'm now trying to setup a catalog so it indexes a UNC path and having problems. The account I'm using has all the correct credentials, the MMC shows the location is being indexed with the correct number of documents, and the Event Viewer shows all is well, no errors.

When I use the admin Query Form I get a dialog that says "No results". If I take these same documents and move them to a local drive, add that as a location, I get the expected results returned.

Pulling my hair out here. If it were a permissions problem I would expect to see an error in the Event Logs which I'm not. If it were a problem with the documents I would expect them to not work when moved to a local drive, but they do. So not sure what else to check. Seems to be very little information on troubleshooting this on the web.


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