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We should monitor and log ~1000 devices (1..4 sensor per device). SMS and email alert and the common functions are required if anything going wrong.

I think we instead of developing the whole ecosystem in .NET/C# it would be nice to use an existing one - for example Zabbix. But is it possible without any bigger hack?

I think that the main problem is that the devices are old-school and using RS232 for communication.

Any idea or any other flexible monitoring software?

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well I run zabbix on multiple setups and it is pretty easy to setup sms and email. As for RS232, it is not out of the box functionality that is provide by zabbix, nor do I think it will be. However it is possible, here is a linux serial port script which has helped me in the past.

I recommend learning the zabbix cookbook, this will allow you to write custom scripts.

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