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i want lo block some porn domains, i tried this squid configuraztion:

acl localnet src  
acl loggedUser  proxy_auth REQUIRED
acl proxyUser external nt_group ProxyUser
acl pornDomains dstdomain "/etc/squid/porndomains.txt"

http_access deny !localnet
http_access deny !loggedUser
http_access deny pornDomains
http_access allow proxyUser

And this is my porndomains.txt:

During squid startup i get no errors or warning, but i still access to This from access.log:

1342771140.754    283 TCP_REFRESH_MISS/200 11377 GET admin DIRECT/ text/html
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Try to put a . before your domains in the porndomains.txt.

You are blocking, not or will block all of those.

Happy testing!

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