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I got a windows 2003 and a slim tomcat 6 installation with several application running. Now I want to "install" the manager application to refresh certain apps...

I copied the manager folder of another installation into the webapps folder an restarted the tomcat. I checked out that there are manager.xml files in all folder of conf/Catalina/... (automaticly generated??)

Still I get a 404

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Anything in the Catalina logs about failing to start the webapp? – Shane Madden Jul 21 '12 at 0:22
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The Catalina log point me to a wrong version of the servlet-api.jar for the manage app. So I did an "open heart operation" and downloaded the source of ne newest tomcat Version an replaced all in the lib an bin folder.

This is a bad anwser, but for me it worked...

Thanks Shane

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