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I'm runnig a software to be tested. the software is running by SYSTEM user, and can apply actions on the machine. The software has a service that runs. In one Win7 machine, when the SYSTEM user is trying to delete the service (as part of auto update to the software) it seem to be failed . The service is stopped, with a message:

The service has been marked for deletion.

Only reset can solve that issue, but we need a better solution to forcly delete that service, so the process of auto-update will be as much as reliable. thanks.

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Here's an older KB article which might help:

To work around this problem, restart the computer before you reinstall the service.

Note If you first verify that the service is stopped, and then you quit the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) before you remove the service, you may be able to reinstall the service without restarting the computer.

BUG: "The specified service has been marked for deletion" error message when you reinstall a service in Visual Studio .NET

Additionally, why to you delete the service, and not just stop it, update the binaries, and start the service again? No need for uninstall... ?

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