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I am running a Fabric script that sets up a virtualenv on a remote server (running Ubuntu 12.04) and installs various packages into it. The script uses the -E option for pip to install the packages into the virtualenv:

pip install -E . -r [path to requirements]

This used to work alright, but it appears the -E option has been removed from pip now (from the pip changelog).

Can anyone please suggest a workaround for this? Thanks.

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As explained here, if you need to use pip to install a package in a virtualenv environment, just use the pip installed in virtualenv :

Because pip is installed by virtualenv, just use path/to/my/environment/bin/pip to install things into that specific environment.

The pip team remove the -E option because pip is now bundled into every new virtualenv environment, so you can use it to install new packages.

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