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I would like Apache (version 2.2.3) to log according to the following rules:

  1. Do not log internal calls to self (
  2. Log access to /provisioning/ to provisioning_log.
  3. Log access to other pages of the VirtualHost to access_log.

My VirtualHost entry in httpd.conf says:

SetEnvIf Remote_Addr "127\.0\.0\.1" !LOGNORMAL
SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/provisioning/.*" LOGPROVISIONING !LOGNORMAL
SetEnvIf Request_URI "^/provisioning/" LOGPROVISIONING !LOGNORMAL
CustomLog logs/access_log "combinedWithHostname" env=LOGNORMAL
CustomLog logs/provisioning_log "combinedWithHostname" env=LOGPROVISIONING

<Directory "/var/www/provisioning">
Options +Indexes
Alias /provisioning "/var/www/provisioning"

However, browsing to http://<server>/provisioning/ page generates a log entry in both log files: provisioning_log (desired) and access_log (undesired).

What's wrong here?

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