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I'm a bit frustrated...I'm trying to mount a windows share via CIFS in CentOS 6.3, but it's not working:

mount -v -t cifs -o credentials=/data/conf/credentials/fileserver //   /mnt/fileserver/projects   

Which gives me this:

Unable to apply new capability set.

No idea why, because connecting with smbclient works fine:

smbclient // -A /data/conf/credentials/fileserver

Any knows what the reason could be?

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Are you running the mount command as root? Is SElinux enabled? – mgorven Jul 24 '12 at 7:12
Yes, running as root, no SElinux. But apparently I can't mount CIFS in an OpenVZ container...which explains why I couldn't find anything explaining the error message ;) I added my workaround as an answer, hope that's ok. – Shocker Jul 24 '12 at 12:54
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Sorry, I figured it out. Problem was that I was running CentOS in an OpenVZ Container, where apparently CIFS doesn't seem to be virtualized - at least according to this source:

It contains a nice workaround though and I ended up creating the mount on the host machine and mounting it with --bind in the guest.

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