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I am new to Cisco, I am having some difficulty:

I'd like to list all user accounts. show users only displays currently logged in users.

I have no problem changing the enable password, but I'd like to see all available users so I can change specific user passwords as well.

  • How do I list all user accounts?
  • How would I reset the password for a specific user?

Using 3750, 3560 switches and 55/10-20 ASAs.

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Q1. How do I list all user accounts?

From the enable prompt, run show run | i username...

CORE01.PUB.DAL01#sh run | i user
username operator password 7 <someHashedPassword>

Q2. How would I reset the password for a specific user?

Change the password from configuration mode

CORE01.PUB.DAL01#conf t
CORE01.PUB.DAL01(config)#username <someuser> password 0 <somepassword>

Syntax is slightly different for an ASA...

mpenning-fw(config)# user <someuser> password <somepassword>
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You don't actually need to remove the user first (no username <someuser> you can just change the password with the username command. – Zypher Jul 23 '12 at 18:13
That's not surprising, I just did not have a lab machine available to demonstrate, so I took the safest approach :-). BTW, nice blog post about sysadmin team efficiency – Mike Pennington Jul 23 '12 at 18:15

local users in Ciso IOS are listed in the running-config with the "username".

For your switches type "show run | b username" and look at the users listed there.

For the ASA it's a little bit easier, just type "show run username".

If the users are not local (radius, etc.) then you'll need to look on that server for the user list.

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Thanks, that was helpful information. Easy too. – TryTryAgain Jul 23 '12 at 19:11

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