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We have a 2008 Terminal Server connected to a Windows black box on the network. The TS has a group policy applied to it that maps drives (Group Policy Preference in computer section) at logon. The drive mapping to the Windows server has the username and password stored.

When the user logs in, the drive is not mapped and trying to open it prompts the user with a dialog saying "Logon failure: unknown username or bad password." which has the correct username already displayed.

If I enter the password now(same on as stored in the GPO), the drive maps correctly and I can see the contents of the folder.

If I log off and log back on again, the same thing happens. Clicking 'Remember my credentials" does not fix this problem.

Has anyone encountered this problem before? Any help solving this will be much appreciated.

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How are you mapping the drive? Group Policy Preference or logon script? User or Computer container? –  pauska Jul 24 '12 at 7:44
I have seen Windows (and Cifs/Samba boxes) refuse connections with stored passwords. Interactively supplied passwords worked fine. Never been able to find out why this happened, but it seems to be the same problem as you are having. I'm very much interested in the answer too. –  Tonny Jul 24 '12 at 8:23
@Zone12 the answer to the comment by @pauska really does matter here. Are you mapping the drive with the drive map GPO option, or a script? If a script, which language? Have you explicitly defined the user's fully qualified logon? (domain\user or user@domain.tld) There are a number of things that can be going on here, but which way you're mapping the drive changes the possible problems and resolutions. –  HopelessN00b Jul 31 '12 at 20:17

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