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I have two Ubuntu servers. One of them has a directory with data. I want this directory to be visible (and writable) by the second server. How can I do this? What tool to use?

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If only this didn't exist;… ... You already have the NFS tag in your question, have you thought of doing any form of basic self-help so far, maybe looking up what NFS is and how it's used, it's very simple basic stuff that professional sysadmins really could do with knowing – Chopper3 Jul 24 '12 at 10:39
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On the 'server' add an entry into your /etc/exports to share the directory e.g.

/directory/with/data secondserver.tld(rw)

which allows secondserver read/write access to the directory/with/data

then use exportfs to share the directory

exportfs -r

and you can verify your export with

/directory/with/data    secondserver.tld

You can now mount your directory on secondserver

mount server:/directory/with/data /mnt

and you can verify the mount

mount -t nfs
server:/directory/with/data on /mnt type nfs (rw,addr=

You may want to add an entry to your fstab to have it mount on boot too

server:/directory/with/data /mnt    nfs rw 0 0 

You'll probably want to read the various man pages I linked to too.

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Note: I needed to restart the first server after installing exportfs and running exportfs -r. – assylias yesterday
That wouldn't be normal. – Iain 22 hours ago

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