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As part of a larger effort to migrate LiveLink and older SharePoint sites to SharePoint 2010. At the moment, my customer has multiple SharePoint lists, whose data is divided by location. Ideally, the data would be in one list with a location column, but it was set up this way sometime in the distant past.

When customer's site is migrated to SharePoint 2010, I need to present the existing data in basically the same manner as it is now. But I must also use the data in a K2 Workflow and some InfoPath forms. It was recommended that I put the data into a SQL Server database and configure K2, InfoPath, and SharePoint to use SQL Server as the data repository.

Initially, I thought that this copying/moving of data would be relatively easy. But I'm encountering one obstacle after another in copying this data into a new environment. First, I have only "read" permissions to the source SharePoint sites (I cannot use SharePoint designer or similar tools on that site or change the site in any way.) Second, the destination SQL Server and SharePoint sites are in an untrusted domain (my tools are on my local machine, and both my machine and the source site are in domains which trust each other). Third, the source data includes SharePoints multi-valued attachment fields (and my tools cannot perform UNION or INSERT queries with multi-valued fields).

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can copy the data from the current SharePoint lists to SQL Server, retaining the zero-to-many attached documents with each record?

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My first suggestion would be that the tools and access level you're being limited to are unnecessarily limiting your ability to perform the expected work. Expecting you to migrate a Sharepoint site to a destination that's untrusted to you, with tools that don't support the type of attachment fields used is... what's a polite way to say "moronic?" –  HopelessN00b Jul 24 '12 at 22:25
Sometimes I feel like I spend half of my time trying to find work-arounds or requesting special access just to perform my job. –  Zarepheth Jul 25 '12 at 13:13

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