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I installed kloxo hosting panel on my vps.
Now I want to know what where is the php extension directory?
Thanks in advance...

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If you have customized your extension directory post-installation/configuration, you can find the path in php.ini (normally located at /etc/php.ini). Look for the extension_dir parameter. This can also be found via phpinfo() (also search for extension_dir in the output).

Additionally, or if it's not included in php.ini, and if you have access to a command-line you can run:

php-config --extension-dir

This will print the current path PHP uses.

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The extension directory is whatever is set for extension_dir in php.ini.

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Probably you have to install the php5-devel package on a linux host for using php-config.

As an alternative for the command-line you can use this:

php -i |grep "extension_dir"
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