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I have a couple machines, that have close to no activity for a a longer period of time.

And when i try to connect to them with ssh after a week or soo, its like they have gone into "sleep mode", everything is slow.

Load is not reporting anything, but basic command in terminal takes ~10seconds to type.

I can restart/warm it up for 15mins and it works fine again. What's happening? how can i turn of this "suspend virtual machine" issue?

They are running Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS. I use VMware ESXi 4.1.0 and vSphere cLient 4.1.0

Software used is nginx_0.7.65, django 1.3.1, uwsgi-

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VMware will re-assign memory that hasn't been touched in a long time.

You can prevent this by locking memory on the VM in the resources tab; this reserves physical memory for the VM and it won't be allocated to another VM.

Here is a nice write-up on VMware memory management:

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hum, will try, annoying to debug...1 week between runs =) – Daniel T. Magnusson Jul 25 '12 at 8:46
Easy to test - just create fake VMs that "need" gaziggabytes of memory, and see if the other VMs memory gets "stolen". – adaptr Jul 25 '12 at 8:50
Works great, thanks! =) – Daniel T. Magnusson Jul 26 '12 at 7:53
Turns out, it did not work.. ;( – Daniel T. Magnusson Aug 10 '12 at 9:48

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