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I want to do an analysis on pcap files, but tshark seems rather heavy for the simple analysis I want, such as:

  • number of packets
  • capture duration
  • total bytes

Is there an easier way to get these statistics?

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Using lovely python in a lazy way:

# apt-get install python-pypcap

>>> import pcap
>>> p = pcap.pcap(name="hs22v-boot.pcap")
>>> packets = [x for x in p]
>>> duration = packets[-1][0] - packets[0][0]
>>> totalbytes = sum([len(x[1]) for x in packets])
>>> numpackets = len(packets)
>>> duration, totalbytes, numpackets
(113.37264108657837, 193812281, 227491)
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Turning this into properly efficient code is left as an exercise for the reader. – MikeyB Jul 25 '12 at 15:44

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