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I have a low-power VIA x86 PC with one SATA port. I want to backup special files (ie: /var) from the SATA drive on this port onto a USB flash disk, but I don't want a RAID1 or fully-synchronous solution for performance reasons.

It is acceptable that data isn't entirely 100% durable/reliable, but I am looking for something more elegant than rsync-ing every 5minutes in crontab.

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You could use the lsyncd tool to automate your rsyncs - that uses the filesystem notifier to re-run rsyncs as files change.

Apart from that the other replication options are a lot more heavy-weight, using gluster backed onto both your "real" location and your "backup" would give you mirroring but the extra overhead is noticeable.

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What is the "fsync tool"? – sadris Jul 27 '12 at 2:24 – Steve Kemp Jul 27 '12 at 11:18
OP wants to use FUSE and avoid using rsync, but answer is about automating rsync, again. And, is it supposed that rsync is lightweight and its overhead is not noticeable?.. – catpnosis Feb 29 at 16:48

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