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I think I've stepped into the twilight zone today. I'm running XP with the latest service packs and updates in a VM. It contains two administrative user accounts both without passwords. I log in as User 1 and start my Win32/C++ application. The window appears and all is well with the world. I then log off without first closing my app. Yes, I used "log off" not "switch user"

I then log in as User 2 and my application is still running and I see it on the User 2 desktop. I can even interact with it - it appears to be functioning normally. And task manager shows it running as User 1.

Any ideas which might be going on here? Other applications (like notepad) don't exhibit this issue, yet mine does. Seems to me I'm doing something wrong in my code, but it really is a rather standard win32/c++ app. Perhaps I'm not processing some shutdown message properly? I'm sorry I can't give more specifics right now. I'm really hoping for some clue to spark further research.


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I know this just got moved from SO. But as it is an issue with an application he has written, shouldn't it be on SO?! – pipTheGeek Jul 15 '09 at 17:30
And this is why we can't just let 5 random people say it goes on site X without some moderator involvement, either with site X accepting the question, the first site's moderators verifying the move, or both. – Thomas Owens Jul 15 '09 at 17:36
I would agree that this is a SO question. I have a feeling the problem has something to do with the the desktop that the application is being launched into. The process for some reason is not associated with the logged on desktop. – zdan Jul 15 '09 at 18:44
I think this is an edge case between StackOverflow and Serverfault. I would ask same question on SO again emphasizing the coding aspect "What am I doing wrong in my program..." – splattne Jul 15 '09 at 18:56

Id open task manager and enable the "sessionID" column and double check the session id of the process.


I'd be inclined to say that this is a coding problem. I can't give you any specific pointers, but perhaps there's an MS "best practices for making apps share userland nicely" article on technet?


Can you drop something like a text box on your form, and type some characters into it at runtime?

It has to be a 2nd instance.

Re-ask this on Stackoverflow, and link to it here so i can find it.


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