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By example:
I have SNMP response value 59757296, passed to MRTG via conf ("business as usual"). The value is in bytes (I checked specs of the target device plus web interface of device confirms).

In theory I should be getting "58356.7" KB in MRTG graph but I am getting "59682.5 KB".
I know it's average over 5 minutes and value varies a bit (I have manually monitored the value and it randomly goes up/down 200KB over 5 min). Perhaps MRTG divides by 1000 and not by 1024 for KB value?

relevant MRTG setting:

kMG[mem]: b,K
ShortLegend[mem]: B
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if its bandwidth, multiplier should be 1000. for capacity the multiplier is 1024, so use kilo[mem]: 1024 – user168299 Apr 6 '13 at 15:09
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According to the docs, MRTG uses 1000 as the kilo multiplier by default. You can change it as follows:

kilo[mem]: 1024
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You could use:

Options[mem]: bits

It does change "kilo" multiplier and other things.

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