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Trying to set /var/run and /var/lock to run instead under a tmpfs? Using SLES 11.2, which doesn't implement by default.

Creating mounts under fstab seems to break things a bit, so there must be another location to set this?

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Adding it to the fstab is probably the correct place, what errors/breakage do you see? –  Zoredache Jul 26 '12 at 17:34
init.d scripts fail, some content which appears under /var/lock and /var/run on the ext3 partition do not appear when mounted as tmpfs. permissions are set identical as ext3 file system and same problem. –  Jason Caldwell Jul 26 '12 at 18:43
as an example, Ubuntu 11.10 server by default mounts /var/run&local as tmpfs, yet those mappings don't exist in its fstab file. –  Jason Caldwell Jul 26 '12 at 18:45
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