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I'm trying to archive incoming mail by routing it to a PHP script (which inserts it into a database) before sending the email to the destination server.

If I configure my /etc/postfix/transport as such:

example.com smtp:[]

My email will then be forwarded to the Exchange server ( for testing) to the appropriate mailbox.

If I configure my /etc/postfix/transport as such:

example.com myarchive:

Then incoming email is piped to a PHP script and inserted into a database, however it never makes it to Exchange.

I've tried adding multiple transports

example.com myarchive: smtp:[]

But it only makes it to the first one listed (I've tried both ways). Can something like this be achieved to archive a mail before sending it on its merry way?

Note: "myarchive" is set up in /etc/postifx/master.cf as:

myarchiver unix - n n - - pipe

flags=FR user=mailarchive argv=/home/mailarchive/pipe.php

${nexthop} ${user}

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Postfix cannot deliver a message to multiple destinations. You can however use the always_bcc directive to automatically BCC all messages to another address. You still need to configure the transports to deliver messages to the special archive address to your script.

always_bcc = archive@archive.example.com
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I had that working, but didn't like the BCC'ing part. Thanks though. –  Ryan Jul 27 '12 at 18:30

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