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I have a WordPress blog on a site, say I want to add a separate, unrelated blog at

I've ftped in and mkdired /travelblog and then tried to use the iPad application to add a blog there. However, I got a response something like

Sorry, can't log you in (200-209)

Received 403

I also tried adding one at /travelblog/wp-site. Same error.

I can't reach the person who set up the original blog.

What should I do?

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You're going to need to do one of two things:

  1. Install a new instance of WordPress and configure Apache to host it at that location.
  2. Create a WordPress Network so that you can run multiple blogs/sites off of the same WordPress installation. The big caveat here is that in order to do this on a site that already has content it's much more difficult to setup folder-based as opposed to subdomain-based.
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no sure how the iPada app works, but the standard procedure it's pretty easy

  1. download wordpress, unzip and ftp the content to
  2. create a new database for this new wordpress
  3. run the installation (
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In addition to silmaril8n's suggestions #1, you should set your new Wordpress' installation to use a different table name prefix than the other Wordpress install. You can set that in the wp_config.php file at install time.

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