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Is there a way to create a hyperlink that will invoke a Remote Desktop connection to a Windows Machine?

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Not as such. You could save an RDP file on your server and offer a link to that, so long as your MIME types are correctly set-up on the server it should download and then when opened by the user, should open RDP with the right settings.

Your not going to be able to just run an executable (in this case mstsc.exe) straight from the browser, that would be a pretty big security hole, the user will need to download something and consciously open it.

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As Sam mentioned, just store a RDP file on your server or write something that will generate the RDP file for you.

The MIME type you need to send is "application/x-rdp".

I am not sure exactly what you are needing. Another option may be too use a java applet RDP client. For examople (

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There is a workaround if you only need it for personal use. You could create custom protocol handle and use it through your HTML. Here is a good example.

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