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Upgrading MySQL 5.1->5.5, all InnoDB, 500GB data, linux.

To rebuild the tables/indexes for 5.5, I can either dump and load everything, or run ALTER TABLE t1 ENGINE=innodb on every table (see MySQL docs).

MySQL recommends the dump and load method here (second paragraph) as does Percona here.

I completely understand the necessity of a good backup, but I will have a clean and reliable storage snapshot serving that purpose. Also, dump/load takes much much longer and requires extra disk space and I/Os.

Is there any other good reason to prefer the dump/load method?

(same question as this one, but dealing with a much larger dataset and existing backup: MySQL Upgrade Method)

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In many cases binary upgrade will work, however in some cases dump and reload is necessary. Here listed some cases:

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That doesn't answer the question that was asked. The poster wants to know which method to use, because he/she already knows that it's required in this instance. – John Gardeniers Aug 8 '12 at 13:45

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