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Workstation OS - Window 7

Domain Controller OS - Window server 2008 R2 standard

Following thing i have measure with Stopwatch.

1) When the laptop is in workgroup, it takes just 17 second for shutdown.

2) when i added the same laptop in domain ( ), now it takes 1minutes and 22 second for shutdown. ( it just show shutting down screen )

Why the shutdown time increased so much?

Do you have any idea?

Note:- i have not make any changes in laptop, nor added any software. I have done the above testing because user start complaining that after putting laptop in domain it takes long time for shutdown. It's happening to all laptop where the OS is window 7

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no there is no logoff scripts / gpo's as well as we don't have roaming profiles. – Param Jul 27 '12 at 11:18
Take a look in the error logs on the client machines, specifically group policy processing, this should provide you more insight. – Alex Berry Jul 27 '12 at 11:26

You probably have some GPOs that are applying to the client that are doing something like syncing offline files, running logoff/shutdown items, etc.

Run rsop.msc on the client in question to see what policies are applying and the difference should become obvious.

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