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I am loading images from an external site which I want to use in a 3D WebGL canvas. However this is not allowed due to origin.

The URL I am generating from the web page is as follows:


Now I want to proxy_pass I assume, to the URL included in the request.

location /somename/imagesproxy {
     proxy_pass  ...
     proxy_set_header  host localhost;

How do I get nginx to dynamically proxy to different URL's

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From what I have read nginx is not designed to be a forward proxy however I would like to use an nginx solution if possible. – sphvn Jul 27 '12 at 13:04
location = / {
    if ($args ~ "^url=(.+)") { #gets the "url" get parameter
        set $key1 $1;
        proxy_pass $key1; #use the parameter as proxy address
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This answer requires explanation. – kasperd Apr 8 at 10:22

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