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Does anyone have a script they use with WBADMIN to send email alerts? I am a scripting newbie and having trouble finding a solution to notify on failed backups. Seems like it would be a useful tool to have.

I am running Server 2008 R2 Foundation and backing up to a NAS. I am using wbadmin with task scheduler to perform daily backups.

UPDATE We do not have a budget for third party solutions so I am trying to effect a solution through a simple script.

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I would recommend BackupAssist for this type of scenario. –  Skyhawk Jul 27 '12 at 14:38

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If you've already had a failed backup it should be easy enough to accomplish by finding the failed backup in the Backup|Operational event log, right-clicking the failed event, selecting "Attach Task to this Event", and filling out the task settings appropriately.

Then whenever a backup fails and logs the event to the log, an email will be sent based on your task configuration.

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you can use blat which is a command line tool that sends an email using an SMTP server and credentials you specify. I have set up my script to use blat and send me an email on the failure of wbadmin backup.

It's an incredibly useful tool for scripting. I use it all the time in alot of my scripts to alert me of status that may require my attention.

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You don't have to script this unless you just really want to. Webmin can do this ... if you are using Webmin's backup, when you go to "Schedule a Backup" > Create Schedule > Backup Schedule there is an option there allows you to notify someone by e-mail if an error occurs.

Webmin Backup

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MKSBackup is what you are looking for.

You don't even need to script anything, just fill in the .ini file with what and where to backup. Add your email address and you get a very complete but simple mail report.

MKSBackup even create the task in the Task scheduler for you at installation.

MKSBackup is released under GPL at http://www.magikmon.com/mksbackup

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