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I am hoping someone here might be able to help me, as I feel I have spent the entire day pulling out my hair and searching Wiki's, KB's, and what seems like the entire internet for some more information...

I just recently moved from MediaTemple DV server to Rackspace Cloud (VPS) running the latest version of CentOS and was trying to set up hosting for my domain(s) via a control panel of sorts. I originally tried out Virtualmin and had success installing it, but could not figure out why I couldn't write files via FTP - frustrated, I figured I would pay for licensing for Plesk, since I am familiar with using it on MediaTemple.

Anyway, I installed Plesk fine, but when it comes to configuring the domain, dns, etc - I am at a loss for what to do...

Prime example is what I need to input for the Full Hostname in Plesk's Server settings. Right now I have it set to the same DNS record that is set in Rackspace's Reverse DNS Management - not sure if that is correct or not.

I see 2 IP addresses inside plesk, and am curious as to which one to use on my domain when setting it up in plesk.

To make things even more interesting, if I go to the domain http://www.thehuddleapp.com I get nothing, same thing if I try and connect via FTP - However, if I go to https://www.thehuddleapp.com:8443 (Plesk login) I can access plesk through the domain.

Needless to say, I am very confused, frustrated, scratching my head as to what to "do" once Plesk is set up, and would love it if someone with some experience could help me with where I am messing up...

Best, Jeffrey C.

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For a full hostname enter the same name you will use to access control panel. From what you say further I guess it may be thehuddleapp.com. In many cases this information isn't much important and also full hostname is prefilled with a server name configured by service provider (Rackspace) which is often good enough.

You can use either of IP addresses as long as both can be accessed over the internet. Sometimes it could be that you have both IPv4 and IPv6 address configured by provider - this way you can use both IP addresses together to run the same domain, it is called dual-stack.

You should get a default domain page for http://www.thehuddleapp.com as long as you have this domain created in Plesk. If not, only https://www.thehuddleapp.com:8443 will respond.

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