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Here's a use case for my application. All incoming emails to different email addresses have to be processed by reading the content of email messages, along with the information such as: from email address, subject line and date/time sent. This information later has to be HTTP POSTed to a web service API or stored in a DB.

We are thinking about using PostFix as our MTA software. Using PostFix, is it possible to implement such a process to read emails? If yes please explain how? Or are there any programs that are readily available to read emails and store in a DB from PostFix?


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No, it is not possible with Postfix itself. As you said it is a MTA where T stands for transport. It is not a mail processing agent. But you can configure different MDAs (mail delivery agents).

You can do this with procmail for example or any other program that accepts mail via STDIN. These programs can be included into Postfix with the pipe configuration options. See the manual for details and instructions.

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