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I am a little confused by this although

diff –rq  dir/ dir1/ 

does not show a difference This rsync is to backup the directory

rsync -avrREz --delete --links -e "ssh -l user" --delete dir/ && tar -c /dir/ | md5sum

but it does not seems to give me the same checksums when I do a tar on the destination directory

tar –c dir/ | md5sum

Am I missing something?

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There's all sorts of metadata that goes into a tarball that can cause md5sum not to match. I've written this sort of verification script before, and I recall having to stuff around a bit to get rid of all the things that cause verification failures.

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For instance, it includes the file paths. So tar -c dir and tar -c dir1 will always have different output. – Gordon Davisson Jul 28 '12 at 16:42

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