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How can I remove the Administrator Mailbox from Exchange 2010? I don't want to delete the whole user account because I need Administrator to access the Server, but Administrator shouldn't have any mail addresses assigned.

Background: We use Eset Mail Security which is getting licenced per mailbox count. There is also a tool from ESET to check current mailbox count: To avoid paying for unused mailboxes, I want to disable Administrator's (and also other unused) mail boxes.


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That seems like a bad reason to remove the Administrator's mailbox. The yearly per-user pricing on ESET's Mail Security for Exchange is under $30 in blocks up to 5 users. It goes down as your numbers increase. How many users are you licensed for? Are you really that constrained?

Either way, to remove the administrator mailbox, something like this should work:

get-mailbox -id administrator | disable-mailbox
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Thanks! Thats exactly what I searched for. – SailAvid Jul 28 '12 at 15:57
Could you specify a bit more, why it would be a bad idea to disable Admin's mailbox? Because I'm the Admin and have my own user with mail address. Or do some programs rely on Admin's mailbox? – SailAvid Jul 28 '12 at 15:58

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