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Another thing I desperately try to find out is why my /var/db/spamd files grows to more than 1 GB within a week.

Just for fun, check your file size of /var/db/spamd on your OpenBSD machine. Maybe you'll be surprised too.

When I mv /var/db/spamd to somewhere else and restart spamd, it starts with a 200k file. When a mail comes in, it is 524k. After a couple of hours, it's 3 megabytes. After a month, my /var is full.

Another box running OpenBSD 5.0/i386-RELEASE is up for almost a year, has a spamd file of just 300kb. That seems normal.

Does anyone have an idea where this phenomenon comes from?

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What's in the file? The contents of the file might give you an indication of where the data is coming from and why it's filling up your filesystem. –  Ladadadada Sep 11 '12 at 11:15
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