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Nagios sent me a 'critical' message saying my VPS's disk space was at 90%. 10% is about 400mb. I didn't feel this is critical because it consumes <5mb a day not including backups, which are copied everyday and deleted every week.

However, I haven't gotten an email since, and it's been a week. The disk should still be in critical condition. Can I tell nagios to send me a reminder daily if I don't fix this? Can I tell it to consider it critical when I get to 95%, or a different number?

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Have you considered reading the Nagios docs? Everything you need to know, plus a whole lot more, is already very well documented. Even a cursory look over the sample configs supplied with Nagios would solve your issue. – John Gardeniers Jul 29 '12 at 12:24

notification_interval for the periodic notifications, and modify the command that runs check_disk to change the thresholds to whatever you want.

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Yes you can, this is configured with the notfication_interval variable if I recall correctly. You will need to set it to "1".

Refer to this page for more info on notifications.

Your second question will depend on what plugin you are using, but normally speaking this is indeed possible. You will need to refer to its documentation. Normally you can provide parameters when defining a command.

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