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i have name-based hosting, lets name it my.address.com - my friend have 'white' ip -address.com and gave me virtual machine than i can access via ssh, also, he made some magic with ports and now after install apache i could access /var/www on the my.address.com. So, the question is how can i make subdomain like test.my.address.com? There are should be some magick with Apache's Listen Directive, but i cant figure it finally. Also, i know how to create local-available sites with apache, but it is not the same.

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First you have to modify the DNS zone and add a record for test.my.address.com to point to the server's IP address.

Then, you just add another <VirtualHost> directive or a ServerAlias directive into an existing <VirtualHost> if you want the subdomain to point to the same virtual host.

I suggest you read the Apache tutorial on name-based virtual hosts.

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