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So, I've been trying to get a kickstart install with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 to work, using the package repo on the DVD. As such, I've tried using the following line in my ks.cfg:

 repo --name="Red Hat Enterprise Linux"  --baseurl=cdrom:sr0 --cost=100

However, that doesn't seem to work. The installer can't find the repo, and the install fails. Have I got the repo syntax wrong?

UPDATE: It looks like I've got a more serious problem. Even if I boot without using the kickstart file, the installer reports that there is a problem with the generation of my install tree. I'm going to go ahead and run this install manually now, but it is a bummer that I can't get kickstart to work. :(

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Did you say Red Hat 6.2? That's ancient. I hope you meant Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2. – Michael Hampton Jul 30 '12 at 2:45
Well, the repo command uses "Red Hat Enterprise Linux", and the question tagged with RHEL6, not Red Hat...wasn't aware that it'd be a block to answering the question. – Vishal Kotcherlakota Aug 6 '12 at 17:27

I hope you're still working on this, because I ran into something similar when I was building my own iso. You need to set the baseurl to file://mnt/source to load from the repository on the DVD, e.g.

repo --name="Scientific Linux" --baseurl=file:///mnt/source --cost=100

When kickstart is able to find the repo, it will also resolve your install tree error. At least, it did for me.

Best of luck

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