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I have a NSD server being primary server for a zone and want a Windows Server (2008 and 2012 RC) box to be secondary for that zone. Everything is configured and working EXCEPT:

When Windows receives a notify message from NSD it sends an IXFR zone transfer request. However, NSD can't do IXFR requests and answers with "Not implemented". Unfortunately Windows does not retry and request an AXFR transfer now. I have to wait for the refresh timeout to expire to get up-to-date zone data.

Is this a known bug in Windows or is there any configuration option in Windows to change this behaviour?

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By design IXFR is the default transfer initiation command - cannot be changed. Sounds strange that it doesn't retry a full zone transfer though – Mathias R. Jessen Jul 30 '12 at 17:43

The RFC says only

Thus, a client should first make an IXFR query using UDP. If the query type is not recognized by the server, an AXFR (preceded by a UDP SOA query) should be tried, ensuring backward compatibility.

So it's not really a bug of Windows, just annoying

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