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It seems that the folders for subdomains are not being created as described in the Plesk documents.

From the documentation ( http://download1.parallels.com/Plesk/PP10/10.4/Doc/en-US/online/plesk-administrator-guide/plesk-switching-administrator-guide/):

Changes in organization of subdomain-related directories. Due to safety reasons, Panel now stores content and configuration of hosted subdomains in separate directories:

  1. /<VHOST>/<subdomain_name>, the directory that contains HTTP/HTTPs documents (unlike the earlier versions that separated HTTP and HTTPS documents).
  2. /<VHOST>/<subdomains>/<subdomain_name>, the service directory that keeps subdomain configuration

What we were expecting according to the document to happen was

  1. /vhosts/sample.com/dev - created for the content
  2. /vhosts/sample.com/subdomains/dev - created for the settings

However when we try to create a subdomain for a domain sample.com what we see happening is:

  1. /vhosts/dev.sample.com - is created with the settings
  2. /vhosts/sample.com/dev - is created for the content
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Have you been able to solve this? –  Cummander Checkov Feb 10 '13 at 14:59

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