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I have a project that I am purposing my company go to a TS or RDS system rather than a tradition desktop environment. The issue that I've been asked to research is if we can restrict a certain amount of users to access an application at one time. I.e. if I go into a photoshop application can I make it so no one else can use that application even if this app is available in the users group?

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You can install the application to a remote folder that is a network share, and specify a connection limit on the share. Of course the application would need to tested to ensure it works properly when run from a network share by concurrent users.

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There is no built-in tool to limit concurrent usage of specific RemoteApps. To accomplish this you will need to write your own program or use a third-party software such as AppSense Application Manager that is designed to enforce concurrent licensing. @… – HopelessN00b Jul 31 '12 at 18:31

If you are still on the proposal stage then I assume you haven't decided yet which technology you are going to use so I've checked the Citrix Delivery Services Console for you and I found an option which lets you limit the number of instances per application if that's what you were looking for. If you're in the console expand Citrix Resources -> Xenapp -> FarmName -> Applications -> right click on an application and choose Properties.

Application Properties

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