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Apache failed and Monit did not restart it as expected. The error in monit's log is:

Error opening Monit id file '/root/' for writing-Cannot allocate memory

The problem is that Apache went down due to a lack of memory so... is there simply nothing to be done in such a case? The lack of memory killed both the process and the thing monitoring that process.

Anyone know of any strategies for working with such a situation in Monit?

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I usually change the default Monit ID file location to something like: /var/monit/id

Depending on the version and distribution of your Monit package, the default ID file location can vary. In the current RPMForge package of Monit 5.4, I'm seeing:

set idfile /var/monit/id

That may help in this case. Some people also try to play tricks to keep Monit running (like spawning from inittab), but I really haven't felt the need to do this. Using a more sane ID file location usually resolves my issues.

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Thanks. I've tried this (moving that file to a dir in /var). We'll see if it helps. – Lothar_Grimpsenbacher Aug 1 '12 at 0:24

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