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I create a Web application on my 32 BIT OS (Windows XP) and then i successfully add this WEB Application to IIS 7 on Windows 7 (64 Bit) on my Friend's PC.

Since .aspx pages are randering fine but .html pages are not randering in Windows 7 (64 Bit).

Since I have also added Handler Mapping in my Windows 7 PC, but with no luck

enter image description here

I get this error when i tried to hit .html page on windows 7 PC

enter image description here

Since i tried this solution IIS 7.5 doesn't load static html pages , but i can't able to find "feature" - Role Services (as answered by Vlad)

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Vlad's answer on the question you reference is relevant to Server 2008, not Windows 7.

In Windows 7, you need to go into Programs and Features, into Windows Features and enable the Static Content feature:

I would remove the script mapping you created before doing that.

enter image description here

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