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Is there a simple way to get a list of all fingerprints entered in the .ssh/authorized_keys || .ssh/authorized_keys2 file?

ssh-keygen -l -f .ssh/authorized_keys 

will only return fingerprint of first line / entry / publickey

hack with awk:

awk 'BEGIN { 
    while (getline < ".ssh/authorized_keys") {
        if ($1!~"ssh-(r|d)sa") {continue}
        print "Fingerprint for "$3
        system("echo " "\""$0"\"> /tmp/authorizedPublicKey.scan; \
            ssh-keygen -l -f /tmp/authorizedPublicKey.scan; \
            rm /tmp/authorizedPublicKey.scan"

but is there an easier way or ssh command I didn't find?

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Here's another hack using plain bash without temporary files:

while read l; do
  [[ -n $l && ${l###} = $l ]] && ssh-keygen -l -f /dev/stdin <<<$l;
done < .ssh/authorized_keys

You can easily make it a function in your .bashrc:

function fingerprints() {
  local file="$1"
  while read l; do
    [[ -n $l && ${l###} = $l ]] && ssh-keygen -l -f /dev/stdin <<<$l
  done < $file

and call it with:

$ fingerprints .ssh/authorized_keys
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nice @Raphink , thank you. added code.childno.de/marcel/changeset/afdce0dd ;) One note: ssh-keygen -l -f /dev/stdin seems not to work on a mac.. nevertheless not relevant for servers but gnaa apple or is it a BSD "problem" getting /dev/stdin is not a public key file.?! –  childno.de Aug 1 '12 at 12:16
Reading from /dev/stdin is not a great idea in general, it's better to use -, but for some reason ssh-keygen doesn't know about -... –  ℝaphink Aug 1 '12 at 12:34
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